The Dirty Mystery of the Appearing Socks

The Dirty Mystery of the Appearing Socks

We have always had a sock problem around here.  Sock problems.  There’s the obvious sock problem of the dryer eating the socks and then you end up with mateless socks.  Yes, that is one of our problems….we have piles of lonely socks.  But the other is a different scenario.  The Case of the Dirty Appearing Socks.  They appear everywhere, cowering under the sofa, jammed in behind the end tables, hanging around the book shelves, strewn on the bathroom floor, frolicking under the piano bench, rolled up in balls among the dust bunnies under beds, flung onto piles of clean clothes, hidden under desks and tables, shoved into nooks and crannies, in short: everywhere that they are not supposed to be!!  I won’t name names, (as I myself am not completely free from this type of criminal record)  for the culprits of these dastardly crimes all know who they (we) are.  I was just wondering if anyone else has a similar sock problem.  ???  No one that I know has ever mentioned such a thing, and it could be a phenomenon that only happens at our house…. well, only my Mom has mentioned finding some socks hidden in….oh wait…they were ours! 😦

The other day, with a flash of Sherlock-like brilliance, I found a solution to our dirty appearing sock mystery!  The answer was very simple, and involves a clean garbage can and a piece of chalk.  Stop! Before you see the solution, you should see the before photo of our back entrance.  This was taken in the fall, note: no winter jackets & boots.denna's ideas: dirty sock managementJust back packs, jackets and lunch bags.  So I tried to make our back entrance a more useful and interesting space, and came up with this after photo:denna's ideas: dirty sock managementAdded: one chalkboard with hat pegs, one black crow, 5 large magnets for holding artwork and…look closely….denna's ideas: dirty sock managementno I don’t mean the rubber boots (ok, this was a few months ago before the winter boots came out),  but look closer!!denna's ideas: dirty sock managementTA da!  A special place for the dirty socks!!  Imagine that!  We need a whole container to hold the pairs of dirty socks that come off the feet of my kids.  Belive me, it was full in no time.denna's ideas: dirty sock managementSo far, this has been a fairly efficient solution, and out dirty sock problem has become almost less of a problem.  The problem now is that there seem to be less clean socks for the kids.

Oh, I guess I should actually go and check that Dirty Sock Holder and take it down to the laundry once in a while……that might help a bit.


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