Happy 19/19th Anniversary!

Happy 19/19th Anniversary!

Yes, it’s a happy anniversary to us!  Nineteen years ago on December 19th, we were legally married!!  I know that that might sound a bit strange, especially those who remember that I’ve said that we were married on Christmas Day! 🙂  Well, we were legally married on the 19th!  In Guatemala City, nineteen years ago, it was the norm to have your legal “civil” wedding up to a week before your church wedding, it wasn’t done together as they do now and as is done in North America.  We first had to be married by a lawyer….then later at our church by our Pastor.  So I was legally married to Henry on the 19th, but we weren’t “man and wife” until married at church, before God and our family and friends! 😉  It was so weird to have the lawyers at work tease me about being Mrs. Henry when I felt like I wasn’t married yet!

Another interesting thing was that we had to “publish the banns” as they would say (in the olden olden days!).  Three weeks before the legal wedding, our engagement had to be published 3 times in the local newspaper…..just in case anyone wanted to officially object to our matrimonial intentions!

On the 19th, we were outside the City at a beautiful country estate surrounded by friends and family and balloons and flowers.  The bride wore black and white!  (a suit with a super cool blouse! 😉 )  We stood under an archway of balloons while the lawyer read through the laws that govern marriage in Guatemala.  He also read through a list of our families, to make sure that there were no relatives in common.  My English and German family names were quite the tongue twisters, not to mention my birthplace in Saskatchewan!  The signing of the documents came next and our friends and family signed as witnesses.  And then my mother-in-law made a lovely presentation of a basket with her housekeys in it to me, to signify that I was now a part of their family (it was so sweet!).  A delicious reception followed, al fresco, under the thatched “rancho” out by the swimming pool.

As we were driving home to the city (each to our respective house, I clarify) that evening, the “Luces Campero” were starting in the distance….the huge fireworks display set off for Christmas each year by Pollo Campero!

One week later we did the church wedding with veil and white gown and hundreds of red velvet cupcakes!  And more fireworks….then we drove off into the sunset…..to McDonalds!!!  and our honeymoon 🙂  and the rest of our lives (together).

Happy Anniversary to US!!Henry and Denna old photos

p.s. speaking of anniversaries….Wordpress kindly reminded me that it’s been a year since I signed up for my blog with them!  A whole year of my sporadic little posts!!  🙂

I’m off now, going to post this and then give my wonderful husband a kiss, right at 19 hours, 19 minutes on the 19th of December for our 19th!!!


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