Peppermint Fredricks a.k.a. the Nutcracker

Peppermint Fredricks a.k.a. the Nutcracker

This time of year especially, I seem to get the sweet munchies (translation: I feel like eating sweets after meals!)  The other day we were up to “Christmassy” things and it seemed like we really should have a special sweet something to munch on…but I didn’t have any butter or other main ingredients needed for something yummy.

Then I saw this easy little recipe for peppermint patties….only ingredients needed: cream cheese, icing sugar and chocolate chips (and peppermint extract!)  All of which I happened to have.  (I still have a stash of mint and peppermint extract from when I was craving peppermint awhile ago!)  Here’s the blog called She Wears Many Hats, where I found the idea (recipe and how-to) very cute!

In no time at all the cream cheese was beat up with the sugar and extract and we were making little balls and indenting them with a forth of a teaspoon measuring spoon. (Refridgerate for awhile…no baking required!! yay!)      denna's ideas: peppermint fredricksSome we tried rolling in crushed candy cane for a more festive look!  Then melt some chocolate chips and pipe the chocolate into the hollows, easy enough!denna's ideas: peppermint fredricksdenna's ideas: peppermint fredricksLet the chocolate set and ready set go!!  Yum, I thought they were great!  Even our cream-cheese-hater liked them!! (even after being told the “secret ingredient”!)  I thought the recipe yielded plenty….but then I saw that it was supposed to make about triple what we made!!!  So I guess the original recipe peppermint patties are quite tiny….ours were about 2 to 3 bite peppermints, or one large mouthful!

That day the kids unwrapped The Nutcracker storybook and read through it.  There’s something that captures you about that fairy tale!!  None of the kids have seen the ballet, only read this book.  Sure it has the weird and creepy rat king in it, but the underlying story of Fredrick and what happens to him is very interesting!denna's ideas: peppermint fredricksIt seemed like a good time to give the kids their ornaments for this year:denna's ideas: peppermint fredricksA few years ago I had given them larger (dollar store) nutcrackers, and they were great, until they all lost an arm or arms!!  So in their memory, I found these small ones that can hang on the tree!  Here’s one of the armless ones still hanging around…denna's ideas: peppermint fredricksYou have to read the story to find out why the nutcrackers have such staring eyes, wide mouths and big heads…. 😉

So what do nutcrackers and peppermint candies have to do with each other??  In the blog post where I found the how-to for the candies, the lady was saying that she thought that Peppermint Patties were named for someone named Patty….but was surprised to find out that they weren’t named for a person.  Then she suggested that you could name them for anyone, like Peppermint Jorge or something…… we decided on Peppermint Fredricks (in honor of the nutcracker)!  I guess this is another “sensory memory” to add to our stash of Christmas Memories, peppermint and chocolate and nutcrackers. 🙂denna's ideas: peppermint fredricksOooo boy, just writing about it and seeing the photos makes me want some mOORE!!  I thought they were super yummy!  (a bit rich for little kids, so I had to sacrifice and finish Tassy’s second one for her!)  Hmmm….wonder if there’s any cream cheese in the fridge??…


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