twelve twelve twelve

twelve twelve twelve

Today should be an interesting day…a special date.  Today would be a great day to be born, no one would ever forget your birth date.  Or a great day to get married!!  And so I laid in bed last night thinking, what could we do today to make it memorable (ok, I fell asleep fairly quickly), but haven’t come up with anything yet….so I thought I’d work on this post and hopefully come up with some brainwave.

Of course one of the things I thought of was letting the kids skip school, then we’d so something cool right at mid-day…. (I know my friend Carrie would understand the urge to do something crazy like that)…but, well, someone’s having an exam…and well….ugh, it was easier just to send them to school!  (they were being noisy! and now it’s so quiet, ahhh!)  So I have to come up with something for later.  For now, I’m going to make a list of things that come in 12’s or awesome 12 things…..

Let’s have a little music to get our brain juices flowing….


(From Middle English, from Old English twelf, from Proto-Germanic *twalif, an old compound of *twa- (“two”) and *-lif (“left over”), from Proto-Indo-European *leikw- (“leave, remain”). Compare West Frisian tolve, Dutch twaalf, German zwölf, Danish tolf, Norwegian tolv.)

Today starts the 12 Days of Christmas!

12 months in a year

12 Apostles

12 Disciples

Garfield’s 12 Courses of Dinner song

12 gates of Jerusalem

12 eggs in a dozen

“Cheaper by the dozen” a story of a family with 12 kids (I like the original version and the book!)

12 hours on a clock face

12 crayons in a box (or am I making that one up?)

12 sons of Jacob=12 tribes of Israel

12 string guitar

Bucket list for kids:  50 things to do before they are 12

12 inches in a foot (on a ruler)

12 steps of AA

12 gates of heaven with 12 large pearls guarded by 12 angels

movies: Twelve Angry Men, Twelve, Ocean’s Twelve

Today is the last repetitive date for this century. It marks a finality.

And that’s all I’m coming up with for now….do you have any other ones??  I’m probably missing something really obvious…

Just now I watched a film called Twelve by Lester Alfonso.  In order to work through his past, he interviews 12 people who moved to Canada at the age of 12, just like he had.  And he compiles a list of 12 bits of advice that these people would have given to their 12 year old self.  It is a moving and thoughtful film (and I copied down the list of advice!)  If you like, you can watch it here, click on the word Twelve:

Twelve by Lester Alfonso, National Film Board of Canada

What were you doing at age 12? What did you think, where did you live?  How much do you remember from when you were 12?  Today might be a good day to remember, today on the 12/12/12…….12 ladybugs and gnome - Page 005


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