Outside my Window…

Outside my Window…

It’s a snowy day outside my window…I guess I could say that I’ve been all frozen up and that’s why you haven’t heard from me for awhile…and maybe that’s partly true.  The beginning of winter can be a crazy time, but this year seemed to be a bit crazier than usual….snowise: early in November we had a BIG blanket of snow fall on us…and then it never really left.  Which is fine with me, I love looking out my window at the beautiful snow.  But other things were going on, too….I went in for a little surgery, our main computer/tv died a sad death, a few kids’ struggles at school, tons of work and homework for Henry, health stuff, and even some plain old winter blahs!!  So with all of that, somehow I just didn’t blog.  I would write posts in my head, but somehow they never got posted.

Now Christmas time is here and I keep making up blog posts in my head…so I thought I should try and get at least a few posted!!  I thought I’d start off with a few photos of what I see outside my window….I just can’t help taking photos out the window, of sunsets, snow and trees.  I try not to include uglyish things like roads and signs and cars parked everywhere, or the bus-stop.  I am so very happy that I can see trees!!!  The tree right in our front yard died a few years ago and we were all sad about it 😦 but there are still plenty that we can see. 🙂  Here are some of the shots I’ve been taking since the first big snowfall in early November.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love it when the ugly grey streets are covered in white (turns to beige) snow!  Yes, I know, I am not the main snow shoveller!!  This year our walkways were done for us for awhile….and then they stopped.  Today is a really white day…you can’t tell where the snow on the rooftops end and the sky begins…..

Well, thanks for being patient with me (and also now that I don’t have spell check anymore)…. I really do want to try harder and get some more posts done before Christmas!!  🙂


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