It’s a Garfield Party Supper!!

It’s a Garfield Party Supper!!

I know that this isn’t a Christmas idea….but I realized that I didn’t finish up posting about the Garfield Party for my son….and the other day he showed me the perler bead Garfield and said, “Mom did you put this on Pinterest?!!”  And I had to say no, because I didn’t finish posting about your party! 😦

So here goes the rest of the Garfield party!!!  You can see the first part, the Garfield lunch here.denna's ideas: Garfield Party perler bead GarfieldHello from our favorite cat!!  He’s made out of “melty beads” or perler beads….denna's ideas: Garfield perler beads for partycopy some picture, then iron the beads to melt them… son liked his Garfield and set it up by his bed later on….Garfield in perler beads by denna's ideasSome other fun decorations for the party included photocopies of Garfield comics:denna's ideas: Garfield Party!for the wall and the tabledenna's ideas: Garfield Party!All these cutoouts were put to good use!denna's ideas: Garfield Party!My daughter makes these pefectly cube-ular paper cubes and used Garfield cartoons for these…denna's ideas: Garfield Party paper cubesdenna's ideas: Garfield Party paper cubesgarfieldFor supper, the menu was fairly obvious:  LASAGNA!!!!  It would have been nice to have a salad with it, but time only permited yellow cheesy thingys…denna's ideas: Garfield Party!So everything was color coordinated: yellow and orange!!denna's ideas: Garfield Party!We relished our orange and pineapple Jarritos pop (with all natural sugar!!), a special treat.denna's ideas: Garfield Party!For dessert I tried something new….caramel apples.  There are all sorts of wonderful ideas for desserts for a Garfield party, in particular cakes/cupcakes that look like food, tacos, spaghetti, stuff like that.  But I had wanted to make caramel apples this fall, from scratch, so I did that, and um, it didn’t work out super well.  The caramel tasted great, but kept slipping off the apples!!!  denna's ideas: Garfield Party! caramel apple dessertI need to try it again someday….but they sure tasted fabulous!! I was happy to eat any leftovers that the kids couldn’t choke down.denna's ideas: Garfield Party!So all in all it was a fun orange and yellow and black Garfield party!!!

And here’s a pary favor bag that I saved for you!!  Happy Garfield Birthday Party!!denna's ideas: Garfield Party favor bag!(Now on to the Christmas stuff!!!)


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