A Snoopy & Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Kids’ Table


Who else grew up watching the Charlie Brown specials on TV?  And I’m sure some of you even watched them in Spanish, like we did!  This year I really wanted to do some sort of Snoopy theme….for something.  There’s just something so fun and comforting about those old cartoons (and when I say old, I mean even before I was born! That makes me feel good, and young).  The Peanuts gang just brings back warm and fuzzy memories!  And in fall especially!  I guess it’s because they had so many fall specials…the Thanksgiving special, the Great Pumpkin special and the one about the origins of Thanksgiving.

So I decided to do a Thanksgiving kids’ table with Snoopy and the gang.  It was kind of a last minute thing, and it was inspired by this box of chipboard embellishments that I bought a few years ago with my 50% off coupon at Michaels….I had been saving them for something special.I ran downstairs to the basement to look for something yellow to use as a tablecloth….I knew I had a length of yellow fabric, wait, that was 14 years ago, maybe I’m not going to find it…..so the black and white striped sheet would have to do!  (I have an old stash of colorful sheets that have been handy for everything, especially tablecloths…but no bright yellow one!)Next I added my recent IKEA purchase of cork placemats…they were too cute to resist and perfect for fall.  I set the Charlie Brown chipboard characters on them and they looked…perfect.Now I pulled out a recent gift from my thoughtful Mom….mason jars!!  I had been saving them for something special.  They are the small ones that are all the rage for serving juice or milk at children’s parties (online at least!)  You unscrew the top, and take out the flat metal lid, then turn a cupcake liner paper upsidedown over the top of the jar and re-screw only the outer rim of the lid back on.  Punch a hole and add a straw and it’s good to go!  I used yellow cupcake papers and added a cardstock cutout of that classic Charlie Brown signature chevron to the jar.  It’s a little hard to see in the photo, but looked great with lemonade!For a centerpiece I used a cornucopia basket filled with balls of yarn.  That was a “craft” we worked on another day.  I just plopped it on the table and added a few chipboard embellishments.  (I don’t know why it says BONK.)I had fun putting the table together, and it was pretty quick…except the next part.  We have so many Snoopy comics around, I figured I just had to incorporate them in some way or another, so I scanned in a page from a book,  played around with them on my computer, and changed the text.  Then I printed the comics out to make into little placecards.The next part was the best idea of all….genius, I’d call it.  It happened in one of those spur-of-the-moment flashes that sometimes happen when I’m crafting with the available supplies.  I was winding a ball of yellow yarn to add to the centerpiece, when I thought that the yarn would make a good napkin holder.  I had tried to fold the napkins into paper airplanes, but they weren’t holding together (even with tape).  As I was wrapping the yarn around a folded serviette, I had the brainwave:  the kids could unwind the yarn while they said what they are grateful for.  Like a real THANKSGIVING GAME!  So that’s what they did.  Each kid took a turn to slowly unwind their yarn napkin-holder while they listed things that they are grateful for.  There was everything from food and friends and family, to Benjamin Franklin and Charles Schultz (the creator of Peanuts) on their lists!!  They also listed their parents and siblings in their “grateful lists” and for that I am truly grateful!There are other things that would have been fun to do at a Snoopy and Charlie Brown themed party…like a Snoopy-drawing contest, or a football-holding-and-pulling-away contest!!  I had wanted to make Charlie Brown parfaits, with yellow pudding and oreo crumbs, yum, but ran out of time.  If you don’t have an IKEA store handy, you could get cork at the dollar store or hardware store for placemats, or how about just cardstock or construction paper?  My sister did a Snoopy party and photocopied Peanuts comics and pasted them onto large sheets of cardstock for the placemats and they looked great!!This meal wasn’t our actual Thanksgiving meal, it was the day after, we just didn’t have time to squeeze everything into one day!!  It was so fun, though!  And after supper, we watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving specials together and ate cookies and milk.  For sure it was a warm and fuzzy memory-making time for the kids, and for the biggest kid of all……me!  🙂Hope this helps out with some ideas for a Snoopy themed party or for your (USA) Thanksgiving Kids’ Table (since it’s already come and gone in Canada)!

(my youngest said she wants her next birthday party to be Snoopy, heh heh!)

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  1. Tony tendra que trabajar el dia de Gracias, vamos a ir a la oficina con el. Me guataria decorar la mesa de uno de los salones de conferencias, Snoopy is perfect!

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