Hexaflexagons, an evening’s entertainment.


Here’s some paper folding fun for you.  Of course my brother is the one who forwarded this to me…he knew we’d like it!  Last night, after family movie night, we watched Vi Hart’s Hexaflexagon youtube video…over and over again.  Then we pulled out paper, scissors, paper cutter, etc. and we all tried to see who could be the first one to make a hexaflexagon.  Who do you think was the winner?  Thank you, I’m flattered.  But I’m afraid my mathematical skills aren’t what they should be, though my creative ones are ok.  The winner was the one who loves math the most in our house: Henry.  He’s great at solving puzzles.  Anyways, it was kinda fun, all of us trying to “solve the puzzle” and cutting up all sorts of paper bits and working away.  Nice way to finish up the evening after hot apple cider, popcorn and an old Disney movie (No Deposit, No Return)!  We also watched some more MIND-BLOWING videos from Vi Hart….especially check out the What’s up with Pythagoras? video!
any other paper/math genius geeks out there?


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