feelin’ groovy, not.


Remember how I said the other day that I was feeling rebellious?  I guess I still am, but this time my rebelliousness is aimed towards PARTIES!!  It’s that thing about finding balance again…..party planning is something that fascinates and disgusts me.  By party planning, I mean: the decorations, the food, the cake, the dessert table, the favor bags, the balloons, the piñata, the party games, the punch, the plates and napkins, the cups and straws, the gift bags, the invitations………are you getting the picture?

I find I’m obsessed about planning parties, for my kids and friends.  I love looking at all the ideas online.  I love going to the dollar store or the party store to see what they have.  I love it when a theme comes together….all the little details.  I love dreaming about the cake and/or cupcakes I can make….sometimes I realize that I have a problem!

But at the same time, almost simultaneously I have these thoughts about all the party plans:  that’s so excessive!  what mom would want her kid to go to a party with so much candy? I hate it when my kids eat gumballs!  kids don’t even care about all the fancy decorations!  that dessert table has enough sugar on it to make a whole roomful of people fall into diabetic comas!  that piñata costs an arm and a leg, much less all the junk that needs to go inside!  sugar, sugar, sugar + food-coloring!!  kids are getting spoiled to death!  really, kids are happy to have their friends over and play together (hang out!)!

So all of this stuff swirls around in my head.  I love color and beautiful things.  I love the challenge of creating, just to see if I can do it.  I love paper.  I love to bake yummy things.  But I do have feelings of guilt.  Feelings of excess.  (Honestly, though, the thing that bugs me the most is not being able to get awesome photos of my party stuff like the ones I see online!! grrr.)

In my mind, I’m trying to figure out how I can do the things I love in a non-excessive way.  So far the only thing that I have thought of is to try and make healthiER versions of baked goods….maybe decorate for the party more and make less of the high calorie treats.  Or focus more on gift-bags for the kids, or games, or something like that.  Maybe try posting about parties-on-a-budget and try to see how much bang I can get out of a few bucks!?

I’d appreciate some ideas!!

Meanwhile, I’m still scrolling through the sites that leave me dazzled!  Have you ever seen Catch My Party?! 🙂 love looking through the parties for ideas!ahhh….just look at those colors! don’t know if I can give it up!!!!!!!


What do you think? Que piensas?

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