it’s a Hot Dog Day!!


I just want to say that my brother is a creative genius!  Oh wait, no, first  I was going to say Happy Birthday to him.  And to thank him for being such a great brother.  And say that he’s been a good little brother.  Then I was going to mention his creative genius.  Over the years we have enjoyed his talents, and I must say that my kids have the best memories in the world, thanks to his movie-making skills!  I thought that it would be appropriate to post this music video that he made for our little nephew (it’s one of the few videos that Dustin appears in, since he’s usually behind the camera!)  Enjoy!

Josiah’s Favorite Things from Dustin Siggelkow on Vimeo.

I was wondering where I could find an old photo of us together when we were kids…for some reason that’s not easy to lay hands on.  And then I remembered that I do have one close at hand….as close as my keychain!!  So I scanned these (very small) photos, remember, they are from the 80’s and have been in a keychain since then, so the bad quality (and fashions) makes them look positively ancient!!  That’s me in my pirate costume, my sister, my Dad and my little brother 🙂

And here we are, then and now:

I guess not a lot has changed, heh heh….except that nowadays we never fight! 😉  Have a super Birthday, Little Brother!!




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  1. Thanks –you are too kind! You and your kids provide great material for the videos and make my job easy.
    I love that’s you are wearing your pirate costume in that one photo but none of the rest of us are dressed up. And I love that although I’ve seen that photo a million times this is the first time I’ve realize that’s a bit strange.

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