Paper Jellyfish.


“Everybody’s got a paper jellyfish, your’s is fast and mine goes swish, oh how to make them don’t you wish?, oh everybody’s got a paper jellyFISH.”

And those are my musical stylings for today, folks.

Haven’t you always wanted to make a paper jellyfish? no?  Well, I guess I didn’t either, until I decided to throw a Mermaid Under the Sea party.  Then a paper jellyfish became a must.  And it helped that I had a paper lantern (lampshade from IKEA) sitting in the basement from our Lego Star Wars party.  I really had my heart set on a jellyfish piñata, too.  I had a white ball piñata in the basement, that my daughter had made to eventually be hello kitty, but it never made it to a party, so now I thought it could be effortlessly transformed into a giant glowing jellyfish!!  I had all sorts of plans for the cool things that were going to be suspended from the giant jellyfish piñata.

And then I saw this jellyfish from paper & ink on pinterest: classic, simple, beautiful.

And then I ran out of time for party decorations.  So at the last moment (about half an hour before the guests came), we strung up the paper lantern and added some simple tissue paper “tentacles” as was explained in the above link.  I just had to add some extra curly silver ribbon, though.  I can’t get too simple and elegant, it’s just not in me to do so.  We threw in some glow stix, in hopes that it would make the jellyfish glow, but it wasn’t very noticible.

It did look really cute.  We were in a rush, so didn’t put very much curly tissue paper on the bottom of the lantern, but we were still pleased with the result.

The glow stix would have looked cooler at night!Here’s the plain piñata.  It was painful for me, because I really had my heart set on a jellyfish, but no one else was feeling it (the pain that is)!All the girlies were happy to swing the stick at the white ball.It didn’t make it through very many whacks, anyways!  It was filled with fun girlie stuff from the 50 cent bin at Michaels and not candy.  I liked that idea.The piñata, even though it wasn’t a jellyfish, was good for a few more chuckles….for 2 rather-jellyfish-looking girls.

So bit by bit, I’m posting about all the pieces that went into making our Mermaid party. 🙂

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