International Talk Like a Pirate Day cookies

International Talk Like a Pirate Day cookies

Aarrrr Mateys!!  Apparently it’s Talk Like a Pirate Day.  As ye might know, it’s a crazy day to talk like yer favorite swashbucklin’ Pirate!  If’n ye wants some non-bloodthirsty ideas for yer classroom or homeschooling class, praythee check out this link for piratey ideas fer today.  The other ideas on the main site are for “grown-up” pirates, arrgh.

Around this ship, the only bite the barnacles will be gettin’ are these here scurvy cookies.  And then it’ll be, “swab the decks, me hearties!!”

These here cookies are fast if ye have a stock of those scurvy candy melts on hand.  And some old cookies.Draw out some dashing pirate portraits (look online for some good mugs!) on paper, then place a sheet of wax paper or parchement paper on top of the drawing.Melt those melts in plastic baggies, black, red, white and pinkish (not very piratey, but all there was).  Start outlining, face, red bandana, red shirt, black eye-patches, black hat, moustache and mouth and eyes.  Then white for eyeball, teeth, shirt striped and jolly rogers.Add some colored sugar if ye wants.  Let dry, or put in yer refrigerator. When dry, peel off of paper by running it off the edge of a cutting board or the table.  Add some candy melt to the cookies for “glue” and place the pirate portraits on those scurvy cookies!Aarrrrr!!

It’s me old mateys, One-eyed Pete and Black-Stache Steve.
The second mate of the Red Dragon.
Don’t ferget to hoist yon Jolly Roger!!Ahoy and Avast there me hearties!
And for the Captain and his First Mate (a lovely wench she is!), none of those scurvy cookies, no!  A trifle, fit for a sea-faring King and his Queen…..Mermaid trifle.
A delicacy made from the leftovers from that girlie Mermaid party from the weekend.
Any lubbers who spit on these here desserts will be keelhauled!!

The designs for these here pirate hats of course came from yers truly’s favorite pirates, those famous and ne’er-do-well Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything find them on, or singing a rousting tune here.

Well thar, mateys, stay away from Davy Jones’ Locker as ye embark on yer next adventure today!!   Aarrrrrrr!!


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  1. too fun! I love how you just whip things together from what you have on hand (none of which could be found in MY kitchen on short notice! haha). lucky kids to have an expert of celebration as their mama 🙂

    • it is all about having stuff on hand…then wracking your brain for the stuff that you don’t have, and coming up with something. yes, usually have lots of “cakey” things around, kinda. thnks!

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