How to make an indoor sandcastle for your under-the-sea party.


Here’s a super craft project: it’s great for kids to make, it looks fabulous and it costs about $1.  I’ve already gotten my money’s worth several times over.  Ok, it is a small, but very cute, sandcastle.  At the end of the summer season it’s easy to pick up those plastic sandcastle-making buckets for cheap.  Maybe mine wasn’t as cheap as it could have been, but it was 99 cents at the party store and I was ok with that.

Now get out your school glue, the white sticky kind, I’m sure you have some on hand.  Then send your kids out with a few small sandwich baggies to scavenge some sand from somewhere.  Oops, I meant to say: this is a great project to use up some of that sand that you brought home from the beach in a bottle from your last wonderful vacation!

That’s all you need, a plastic bucket that looks like a sandcastle, white glue and sand.  I guess it would also be good to have a box and some old paint brushes.  Pull the handle off the bucket.Use a large box to contain the sand mess.  (I taped up the holes in my box).And then let the kids go with the glue and paint brushes!!When the castle is quite covered in glue, they can start pouring on the sand.

flip it on it’s side, too….

After the kids were finished, we let the castle dry, then I went with a brush and glue and touched up a few spots (yes, this is the kind of thing I do, just like Martha S.).  You can also pipe some glue around the doors, or make windows, with a line of white glue then add sand for some more dimension.  Then when it’s dry, you can set the sandcastle into some container and add sand to cover the bottom edges.  Or you could glue it to a piece of cardboard and then glue sand to the cardboard, to have a decoration with no “loose” sand.

My girl was happy to play with this and arrange sea shells all over it.  A nice, time-consuming activity (keeping it inside the box, not on the tray).

I didn’t get time to add little flags/banners, that would have been so cute!!
In case you haven’t guessed it from my last couple of posts, we were having a Mermaid Party.  🙂

Here are the invites for the party :(the sandcastle worked great for this little “photo-shoot”)

If anyone would like to order some of these invites from me for your mermaid (under the sea) party, please let me know!! 🙂

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  1. ala que chilero!!!!!! lastima que no pude ir……….jajajajajaja.pido una disculpa por no enviar un saludo a la nena pero hasta hoy pude escribir algo porque Gunther no esta y no esta trabajando con la compu……………… lo siento!!!!!!!!! pero dile a la nena que la queremos mucho y le enviamos muchos besos y abrazos de oso. y te felicito que trabajo tan lindo que haces.

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  3. Denna I am throwing a baby shower for my sister its her first baby and we are all super excited. My sister wants a mermaid baby shower theme. Ive searched everywhere and I cannot find any mermaid like the ones used on your centerpieces. She has mentioned she doesnt want the a little mermaid theme and thats all i can find would you be able to tell me where you got your of perhaps even resell them to me?

    • Hi Franchesca, I’m sorry, I should have mentioned in the post that the mermaid was actually a present for my daughter–a perfume bottle! It wasn’t really on the centerpiece, only in the photoshoot. So I only had one, I just happened to see it in Winners, a Harajuku lovers little perfume bottle. Have you looked up mermaids that you could print out? Check out my Mermaid Party Pinterest board here: I just added some cute printable links!

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