Millie the Manners Pig Comes to Visit.

Millie the Manners Pig Comes to Visit.

As I mentioned yesterday, the kids and I were out of town for 6 weeks this summer.  We were busy, so the time went quickly!  When we finally came home again, I decided to unpack some of my new-to-me treasures and make an easy Saturday morning brunch for our first day at home.  Drumroll please……!

The table was quickly set, eggs were scrambled and I mixed up some easy, delicious scones….(this doesn’t usually happen, really.  I’ve been making scones for dessert lately, so I’ve been getting quicker at turning them out, and thought I’d try it for brunch.  My life doesn’t usually look like this, but I only take photos when it does!!  😉
  Hmmm, what’s wrong there, son?  Is there something missing at this fine meal?

As we were sitting down to our special little repast, I remembered something hidden in the cupboard, waiting, waiting, waiting……
And so I introduced everyone to Millie, the Manners Pig!!  (ok, ok, she’s a sow….we found that our when she was flipped over….but Pig sounds more “table mannerly” to me.

“Hey you all, I’d like you to meet Millie the Manners Pig!  She’s going to be joining us for our meals at the table and is going to be helping us out a bit…..helping us to improve our table manners!  She will sit in the middle of the table and keep her eye on everyone….when she spots someone not using their manners, she’ll waddle right on over to that person and snort at their plate a bit and just sit there….and sit there, until she spies someone else forgetting their manners.  At the end of the meal, whoever has Millie standing by their plate is the Lucky One who gets to clear the table and/or load the dishwasher!! 🙂 ”
So we went over a few of the things that Millie is going to be looking for, like:  talking with your mouth full, putting your feet & knees up on the table or touching your feet, grabbing across the table, poking or shoving each other, elbows on the table, talking about gross disgusting things, and generally eating like a pig!!  Stuff like that.

Well….what can I say?  The game was a resounding success!!  Really.  The kids played along just great.  We did have to remind them that it is Mom or Dad who point out who Millie is going to visit, as of course, the kids quickly wanted to point out the faults of others.  Honestly, their manners improved like magic.  And it was one of those moments when “my husband rose up and called me blessed”  actually, he called me a genius!!  (I’ll take that!)  I had to admit that it was not an original idea.  (Of course) I had found the idea on Pinterest.  I had only seen a pig photo and the basic idea, but when I checked it out (right now) I actually read the blog post here.  Cute!  Though we aren’t so “disliking” of Millie…she’s quite a friendly pet….and when you see her cute little snout peeking over the edge of your plate….awww….it doesn’t seem like such a punishment!  (after her post about the pig, there’s a great post about helping kids keep their junk off the floor…it’s another great idea to use!)
Millie has now been welcomed to our table, and the funny thing is that when I “forget” to bring her out for a meal, the kids always ask for her.  (I have “forgotten” when I’ve been feeling tired and haven’t wanted to do any manners-monitoring, but really, Millie has worked so well that meals have been going pretty smoothly….)  And so Millie sits on the windowsill, enjoying the sunshine, until her next meal and next job. 😉  Millie the Manners Pig hasn’t just come for A Visit, she’s come to Stay!!


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