How to make a Barbie quilt….(my first quilt-making experience)


I am not a sewer (oops, did I spell that right? sower?).  I don’t really sew, is what I mean to say…not for lack of being taught when I was little…my Mom was very patient and showed me how to use her machine many times.  But I just haven’t done if for, uh, let’s just say many many years.  Being at my Mom’s house now, surrounded by her favorite hobby, has just inspired me to try something!  She has been working with my oldest on a quilt.  But I hadn’t made one yet…

So my 5 year old and I gathered up the scraps from the other quilt that is going on, and decided to make a quilt for her Barbies.  I thought that this might be a fun, small starter project that I (we) could successfully handle.She lined up the strips of cloth that she liked and I started sewing them togetherIt wasn’t as hard as I had thought it would be….especially on my Mom’s great sewing machine!!So far so good…now to iron the back…cutting out some sashing to go down the sides…cutting out the backing and lining up the backing, the batting and the quilt top…getting ready for quilting by pining the backing, batting and top together with special quilting safety pins!I just quilted plain squares on the quilt.  Here’s Tass working hard to get some of the safety pins out after the quilting…

The backing is fuzzy purple…now to add the green binding….here’s the back…I didn’t do so great on the binding, and decided to machine stitch instead of hand-stitch, oh well….the Barbies seemed to enjoy it!!Picnic time!!“Thanks Mommy, for the fun picnic, and the quilt!!”So it turned out to be a fun project!  Yay!!  Here are a few more shots:Sweet dreams, Barbie!!I’m totally inspired to try something else…hmmmmm…………


What do you think? Que piensas?

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