How to fix those annoying elastic waistbands in kids’ clothing:


It seemed like such a super idea:  elastic in the waistbands of children’s clothing that could be ALTERED to fit the size of your unique kid!!  Making clothes fit growing children!!!  Never wearing baggy trousers again!  Think of the posibilites…the hand-me-downs!

How it works: extra elastic is in the waistband of the garment and the ends of the elastic stick out of the inside of the waistband and have special buttonholes in them, so they can be fastened to a button, either pulled in tight or let out more loosely, depending on what your child needs at the moment.  A great idea to help clothes fit growing little bodies and just all the different shapes and sizes in general.  Agreed?

Do you also agree that there could be a few cons about this whole scenario?  The first time I pulled the elastic in tight and buttoned it, I realized that that left long pieces of elastic hanging out.  And I thought, “There’s no way I would wear those uncomfortably large pieces of elastic dangling around in my jeans!!”  And then I thought, “Well, they are just kids, and they probably don’t even notice them and even if they do, they’ll get used to it and isn’t it great I can buy these jeans 2 sizes too large and they can wear them till they grow into them!!”

So there’s the comfort con.  And the kids-wearing-too-big-clothes con.  And bunchy waistbands con.  And what about the biggest one that I can think of:  How many times does the elastic pop off the button and go whipping back into the inside of the waistband from whence it came “con”??  (oh, and the other one, the button-drops-off  and then the elastic flies back to whence it came con).

Anyways, I thought I would post today about how I have overcome the big con (but not that very last-mentioned con, because that would involve actually sewing on buttons).here’s the waistband with one side of elastic lost inside.Here’s the tool we will use to capture the elusive elastic:A crochet hook.  Either that or one of those scratchy dental tools with the little hook at the end!!Stick the crochet hook inside and start fishing around for the elastic….It wasn’t too hard to catch the end of the elastic (or a buttonhole)…Button that baby securely!  Sometimes I double the end over and button the end buttonhole again, so the elastic is in a loop, and not such a long end hanging loose.  I think the idea is that you can cut off the extra elastic, but you never know when your kid is going to grow!!!

I hope this post is helpful to someone…I know I have had some frusterated moments (before I figured out the crochet hook thing) and some clothes that weren’t worn anymore because of the lost elastic.  I can only pile up so many clothes to bring to my Mom for mending!! 🙂


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