Fancy party sandwiches or Ways to use white bread


Here are some cute little fancy party sandwiches that you might like to try for your next party or just as a special treat for your kids!  They are not gourmet, but fun and just plain tasty.  My mom has made them for as long as I can remember and they bring back memories of our special family get-togethers…my engagement party in particular!  These sandwiches were made for my daughter’s birthday party a few months ago…oops, I guess that would be almost a year ago now….

A Quick “How to” Overview:  slice bread, spread filling on each slice, roll up into a roll, refridgerate, slice before serving. Sounds simple, right?  Now I’ll go into some more detail and give you some ideas for fillings, buying bread, etc. 🙂

The Bread:

To make these yummy sandwiches, it is necessary to get bread specially cut……LONGWAYS.  I walked over to a small grocery store near our house (early in the morning) and explained what I wanted to the baker…I just wanted the loaves of bread put through the slicer lengthwise.  He seemed to think it a strange request, but was willing to try.  I tried out 2 different loaf sizes, the sandwich size and regular size.  I’m “afraid” I bought white bread.  Not whole wheat as usual.  It was for a party!! Gotta live it up a little once in a while!         Anyways, you can probably go into the bakery section of your grocery store and ask them to do this, we’ve never had anyone say “no way, you weirdo!!”  Make sure you ask someone who works in the bakery and not just a salesperson.  Sometimes you need to order the sliced bread a few days ahead of time.  The baker who sliced the bread for me said that it would have been better to have known beforehand as he would have let the loaves set for awhile instead of slicing them super-fresh.  I didn’t have any problems with them though, they just were slightly fragile to carry home and I had to be very careful to not squish them. (tip=think ahead!!)Now you will have nice looonnnnnggggg slices of bread to work with!

First, cut off the crust and make sure your slice is very rectangular.Next, spread on the filling, right to the edges of the bread.  (this was a ham or chicken filling).Then gently start rolling it up!When it is rolled up, wrap it in wax paper (or plastic wrap) and refrigerate until ready to serve.  When you slice them up before serving (not too thick, not too thin), discard the slightly not-perfect ends by popping then in your mouth!  Gotta taste before serving!!   (All the little “logs” look so cute sitting in the fridge waiting for the party!)

The Fillings:  it is nice to have several different fillings to work with.  And what’s really cute is to add something to the middle of the roll….like pickles or olives.  This would be added at the end of the slice of bread (set the pickles out end to end to completely cover the width of the bread slice) and then start rolling it from that same end.

Here are some of our “usual” fillings:

ham and pickle with a pickle in the middle

cream cheese and pimiento in the middle

cheeze whiz and an olive in the middle

peanut butter and jelly!!!  (great for kids, haha!)

tuna, mayo and a pickle  (or canned chicken)

The ham and pickle is made by putting sliced ham in a food processor and chopping it into very small pieces, add to a bowl, then chop the pickles in the food processor and add to the ham and mix up with some mayo and use this for the filling, with a whole pickle in the middle.

This time I tried something a bit different.  First I spread the bread with cream cheese, sprinkled on some pepper, then peeled a scrubbed carrot, and laid the “peelings” across the bread, and added a line of raisins at one end.I really liked these ones! 😉  They tasted yummy and I liked the orange dotted lines!(here are some just plain jelly/jam ones for those picky kids!)kids’ party plate ideas:add some cheese on swords!Let me know if you try these and come up with some more cool, crazy and yummy ideas for fillings!!

And here are some BONUS ideas:

Using the leftovers:  a great way to use up all those crusts that were trimmed off is by making homemade croutons!  You can sprinkle them with a little melted butter and shake on some garlic and spices then bake for awhile in a low oven…very nice!!Something else I tried with the crusts was “french toast” muffins.  I can’t remember where I found the recipe…probably on, they involved eggs, maple syrup and frozen fruit.  They looked cute, but I didn’t think they were so great, but maybe with a bit of tweaking the recipe would turn out better…here are the photos anyways!P.S.  I think I spent about $3.50 on the loaves of bread, and had enough sandwiches for the party + extra for a meal the next day + croutons for a big big salad + french toast muffins for a meal.   NOT BAD!! 😉


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  3. This looks great and super easy, too. I’m going to try it for my daughters 7th birthday party at the end of this month. I can’t wait to tell you how we liked it 🙂

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