Crafts for kids: perler beads


Lately the perler beads have made their way up from the basement to the kitchen table.  What I’m trying to say is that my kids have “re-discovered” this fun little craft and the different designs that can be made from them.

A popular thing that the older kids have been playing lately on their ipods is a game called Minecraft.  The graphics in this game are all pixelated and everything is made up of cubes.  So perler beads are a great medium for reproducing some of the games’ graphics.  Here are some of the Minecraft icons that my son made:Perler beads are plastic beads that are set out in patterns on plastic plates that are covered in small spikes.  You set out the design that you want, on the spikes, then with some parchement paper over the design, you iron for a bit, then flip over, off the plate and iron the other side.  The beads slightly melt together and become a solid design.

Here are some other designs…..we actually have a bunch floating around here, I’ll have to include ones like PacMan and Domo in another post.


What do you think? Que piensas?

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