Water balloon sidewalk drawing to keep them busy for 5 minutes….


We accidentally discovered a fun little thing to do with water balloons, aside from splatting them and throwing them at people and animals.  I like filling them not-very-full and letting the kids play with them like bouncy balls…but when one sprang a tiny leak today (and other than drinking from the leak) we used it to draw on the sidewalk.

It kept them busy for about 10 minutes…really more than 5 I’m sure!!  And it kept me busy for even longer than that…I did some cool doodles, but by the time I would whip the camera out, and keep one eye on the kids so that no one ran off, the doodles would disappear in the heat!!  Oh well, it was still fun!!

1.  Make a smallish water balloon

2.  Tie the end

3.  Prick a hole in it with a pin

4.  Stand on the sidewalk and wiggle the balloon around

5.  Aim the tiny stream of water onto the sidewalk and make doodles

6.  When the balloon is getting low on water, then squeeze it to keep drawing!


What do you think? Que piensas?

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