The Return of Mr. Men


A long long time ago, when I was a little girl, way back in the 80’s, my brother had a shirt with Mr. Busy on it.  That’s what I remember, my cute little brother with his cute little Mr. Busy shirt.  So we’ve know about the Mr. Men for a long time.  We used to read the books.

They weren’t just popular in the 80’s, apparently they were a 70’s phenomena (I just added that part).  Mr. Men was a series of 49 children’s books by Roger Hargreaves commencing in 1971.  The series features characters with names such as Mr. Tickle and Mr. Happy who have personalities and physical attributes based on their names. From 1981, an accompanying series of 42 Little Miss books by the same author, but with female characters, were published.  And eventually there were many cartoons and tv shows and online games made out of these characters.  Now you know.  And if you want to know even more, look here.

Anyways, the point of all of this was to say that of course I was pleased to see that Mr. Men and Little Misses are still popular today.  It’s all a big marketing thing, I know, to get all us parents to buy stuff for our kids that we remember from when we were kids…but hey…it works.  And I’m happy to buy Mr. Men books for my kids!  If I could only find a Mr. Busy shirt in size large for my brother now……

just a bit more trivia I found on wikipedia:

Mr. Busy

Mr. Busy
Author(s) Roger Hargreaves
Illustrator Roger Hargreaves
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Mr. Men
Genre(s) Children’s literature
Publication date 18 March 1978
Preceded by Mr. Clever
Followed by Mr. Slow

Mr. Busy is the thirty-eighth book in the Mr. Men series. Mr. Busy cannot stop rushing around, and never sits still. Mr. Busy completes everything ten times faster than anyone else could.

Mr. Busy appears under the titles Monsieur Rapide (French), Don Ocupado (Spanish), Meneertje Druk (Dutch), 빨라씨 (Korean), 勤勞先生 (Taiwan), Ο Κύριος Πολυάσχολος (Greek), Unser Herr Schnell (German), Bay Hýzlý (Turkish).  Interesting, but I don’t think Mr. Busy appears in the cartoons that we’ve been watching!!

Another cool 80’s thing: scratch and sniff!! 🙂You can watch the cartoons on youtube, and some still are airing on TV.I love the crazy groovy music on Mr. Men and the retro style graphics!Mr. Rude makes me laugh!!  Especially the one with Mr. Rude and Mr. Stubborn working together on fixing the plumbing! funny! We also like Mr. Small and Mr. Persnickety and Little Miss Chatterbox and Little Miss Calamity.You can find several different websites where you can watch videos or play games.  Just click around until you find a site you like, I mean, one that your kids can play games on.  Here’s a shot of a Mr. Men game on miniclips, though I know there’s a better site for younger kids to play games on, just don’t have the link for you.

Ahh, nostalgia!  gotta love it.  Kids nowadays don’t seem to mind what era their shows, cartoons, games and graphics come from, they accept them all!  I recommend the Mr. Men and Little Misses cartoon shows, they are cute funky and funny and usually have good lessons to be learned!!

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