Summer in my front yard


The front yard of our house is nothing to write home about (as they say)…and we hardly even step out into it really….but I happened to be out in it today, even resting on a quilt in the grass.  Strangely enough, I had my camera in hand, so these are a few “nature shots” I captured today:
This next one has moving ant nature in it….hey, I just this minute noticed the spider!!! too cool…

Lovely dandelion leaves and another bug….

A cuter weed…

Oh look…the mother weed…..And here’s the real reason my camera was out, and why I was in the front yard on a quilt in the grass….this delightful bit of nature!

All of a sudden my photos are looking better than normal.  Usually I just point and shoot on automatic with no flash…but now…now….some tips that my friend April gave me finally stuck in my mind, so I’ve actually been shooting on a different setting! yay!  Her work is lovely and I really need to ask her for more tips, but I’m afraid that it takes me a looong time to digest them and get them to stick in my brain!!  See some of April Scott’s Photography here!


What do you think? Que piensas?

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