How to make hand-me-down high-tops look great for a girl


Situation:  These were recently found in the basement.  I had saved them because they were so cute.  My son only wore them a few times, then promptly outgrew them.  Such is life.  But I just couldn’t get rid of them, for the cuteness factor and the memories factor.  The deep nostalgia factor of when I was a kid and wore high-tops.  And when Opie Taylor would go a whistlin’ ‘n’ fishin’ with his pa, wearing his black and white high-tops….

Brainwave: I now have a little girl who is just this size!!  Let’s resurrect these cute high-tops!!  (and hope her father doesn’t notice)

Action:  pull out an iron-on package of bling that has been sitting in my closet for 4 years and was probably purchased at Michaels.  Heat up iron.  Pull of backing from bling and place on side of shoe (the side facing out, remember).  Stuff shoe full of socks and then gently iron for 15 seconds (no steam, remember).  Pull socks out of shoe, loosen laces, stick tongue out (the shoe’s tongue, remember).  With great difficulty, iron on the inside of the shoe for about a minute.  Very carefully touch shoe (those eyelets get very very hot, remember!).  And that’s the general how to. (here are the blurry how-to photos:)Result: ta da!!are they sweet or what?!Reality:  Ok, it wasn’t so super easy, first with the ironing inside of the shoe, then burning myself on the hot eyelets.  And the fact that the iron-on was so super old.  A lot of the little dots didn’t want to stick.  I ended up bringing out my power tools: the heat gun!! (for embossing, haha!)  It helped a bit, but a few dots just wouldn’t stick.  So when all else fails, bring out the fabric paint!!  The green heart dots are fabric paint.Lesson Learned:  this project would have been WAY easier and just as cute if made with just fabric paint!!

Reality-check:  would I do the same thing over again?  probably.  The cuteness and memories and fun of giving them to my daughter were worth the effort (even though they only lasted one afternoon at the park, then she walked home in her socks because they were “hurting my foot!”)  😉


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