This is your lucky Friday!!


Because I think you are cool!

And you probably don’t have to prepare food in this today!My “food machine,” notice the sleek lines…and the fake woodgrain, clearly labelled arrows and the manual-type orange buttons…So what do you think?  Did I make your day by reminding you of your modern computerized cook’s helper (whatever that is, name-brand mixer, juicer, coffee grinder, etc.)??

Hope so.  But I love my old machine. I love the manualness of it, the orange and brown that matches my orange kitchen wall, the un-computerized face and old-fashionedness of it.

I bought it used about 13 years ago for $5 at a Senior Citizen’s sale.  It’s so loud I almost need ear-plugs, and every time I use it I expect it to die a horrible death.  But so far it hasn’t, and we haven’t died either from eating the food that comes out of it: so far so good.

Just wanted to make your day for you.  Just in case you were feeling superstitious today.  (Hmmm…don’t think I better use my machine today, though, just in case…..) 😉


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