My Summer Fun lists


The challenge: write out a summer “bucket list” of things you are going to do, or things that you dream of doing this summer.  This was posted on My Scrapbook Art, from Home Is Where the Art Is newsletter designer’s challenge.  You can get the free “Juicy” digital kit if you are subscribed to the newsletter…and I must say, their free kits are always totally worth it!!  So if you want to do the Designer’s Challenge, you make up a digital layout using the free kit and post it to their gallery here.
This is my page:

I always have a bunch of things that I want to do in the summer….always hoping that I will get to do them all!!  But realistically I know that we can only do so much each summer!  So first I wrote out a Will Do list, to focus on the positive=the things that I know I will do.  Then I did add in my wishlist….like, every summer I really really want to go berry picking, but it just hasn’t happened for many summers!!  But I still dream about it!  This page has 2 short lists, as I was trying to get loads of laundry done today to get us ready for summer camp.  So far we are not close to being ready and our surprisingly hot weather sure has slowed things down for our packing!! 🙂  I’ve been thinking that I WILL NOT COMPLAIN about the cold weather this fall and winter.  I’ve decided I’m a cold-weather gal.  Just can’t function in really hot weather.  I was spoiled by growing up living in the “Land of Eternal Spring” with lovely perfect weather almost all year round…..Guatemala 🙂 not too hot, not too cold, not too too rainy or dry……!

Do you have a list of summer activities that you want to do?  Wish to do?  or would you rather not have any lists and just relax and take it one day at a time?? 🙂

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  1. Most of our summer weekends are booked…. We were in our Canada Day parade, hosted some runners for the ultra marathon here last weekend, My Aunt and Uncle’s 60th this weekend…. and the list goes on till mid August… Oh, and the big party on Labor Day weekend, Tim’s dad’s 80th birthday! So, I guess I’ll be doing some cooking for groups and spending time with family…. doesn’t get much better than that!

  2. You can sleep in our tent in Mom’s backyard when you come! hm…berry picking… it might be the right time when you are here, I will look into that one 🙂 And, yes, just today someone asked me if I was still “acclimatized” to the heat from Guate… and I had to explain that this is FAR WORSE than any heat we had there! haha, I just get grumpy in the heat. Looking forward to doing some things on your list, even if I haven’t written my own 🙂

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