The adventures of Honey Bear


While looking around for a few Canada Day decorations, I found this cute little guy…a small bottle of honey…in a bear shape.  I knew the kids would think he’s cute (and he was $1.25 haha!) so I brought him home as part of our Canada Day decorations.  At the last minute, I threw him into our bags to go along on our beach picnic, and later got the idea of carrying him around with us all summer as our little mascot!  It’s been tricky to keep the kids from opening his little yellow “chef’s hat” and even trickier to keep a certain little boy from sucking out Honey Bear’s guts, but I’ve explained that he needs his guts and we can’t take off his hat or he’ll get stickiness everywhere….and we are going to take him every where with us this summer!  🙂

Here’s Honey Bear at the lake:In the lake:Watching the kids play:On the boardwalk:(boardwalk photos by my daughter)

Relaxing after so much effort:What adventures will Honey Bear have next this summer?  Stay tuned….


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