Canada Day Cake at the beach.

Canada Day Cake at the beach.

We decided to spend the afternoon at the lake today.  For some reason, oh yes, the butter was sitting out and very soft…I felt I really had to make a cake to take.  To the beach.  For Canada day (weekend).  I had thought about trying to make a polka dot cake…it needs a little work, but this is what I tried:

Mix up a pound cake recipe.  Scoop out some batter and tint it red and leave the rest white.  Spread some white batter in the bottom of the loaf pan.  Put the rest of the white batter into a plastic baggie and snip off the end. (I set the baggies into cups and things to fill them and then hold them up).

Do the same for the red batter, then squeeze out some red lines onto the white batter in the pan.Then squeeze out some lines of white batter to cover up the red lines, trying not to smush the red lines too much.  Then add another layer of red lines.I tried out this plaid type pattern on the top of the cake, but when baked it just spread out into a red layer:When it was baked and flipped out of the pan, this is what the top looked like (it’s setting on it’s side):I pulled the cake out of the oven, tossed it on a cutting board and carried it off to the lake!!  The whole van smelled wonderful!  This is what it looked like when sliced into….not exactly what I had imagined, but still cool…I’ll need to work on the technique to get a more uniform spottiness!!Ahhh….Cake by the Lake!(After eating some cake)  My friend gave me some pointers on how to use my camera (which I badly needed), so I was practicing snapping some photos and was pleased with these pics of our day at the lake:Happy Canada Day Friends!!!


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  1. que pastel mas rico, se mira pues……….. y las fotos lindas, el cielo precioso he estado poniendo mas atención a el cielo y realmente es precioso Dios hace cosas realmente bellas es impresionante!!!!!

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