Fascinating Fred


I’m fascinated by Fred, not just any Fred, though….oh wait, maybe I should have said Freds.  There are two Freds that have captured my attention.  I was just going to post about one Fred, and the day I was doing the “Fred photoshoot” I just happened to see my other favorite Fred on TV, so I guess I should include him here, too.

The first Fred is my new kitchen favorite.  One day, on some website or other, I saw the cutest measuring cups…I really really liked them and dreamed about owning them.  Many many months later I found the same measuring cups at our local Winners store (that’s like Ross in the USA, I think) and I was so excited!  They were a much better price than online, so I quickly bought them and their matching measuring spoons (maybe it was for my birthday?).  Now my kitchen is made cheerful by these cute little matryoshka dollies!!  Have I ever mentioned that I love matryoshka dollies?  Because I do!  They are just too cute.When you pull these dollies apart, each half section is a measuring cup: 1 cup, half a cup, fourth, etc. They were very nice models to photograph, they sat quite still and didn’t complain at all.Aren’t they cute?  I guess by now you’ve guessed that Fred is the maker of cool kitchen stuff!!Here are some more cool things that Fred has produced for the rockin’ kitchen (not mine, just for you to drool over the coolness):Spoons and …..drumsticks!!!  A great gift for your favorite musical chef!Fred seems to make a lot of different ice cube trays.  Here are some cool guitar ones, complete with stir stix:

And the other Fred?  Oh yes, he’s always been a big favorite of mine!!  The super-talented Fred Astaire!!  There’s nothing like his dance on the walls and ceiling!!


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  1. Thinking of dropping in at winners now for the cool kitchen stuff…. hey, I really DO need a measuring cup set…..

    • if you can’t find them at Winners, try Home Sense…they have more kitchen stuff. But they say “it’s a new store every day”…hopefully you can find some Fred stuff!! 🙂

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