Paper dolls: a project for big girls

Paper dolls: a project for big girls

Ok, yesterday I posted about helping the 5 year old girls make paper dolls, but that’s not really the end of the story.  I tried really hard to let it be a fun experience for them and to not be too controlling and perfectionist.  But I’m afraid I am a perfectionist at heart, and I really wanted to see the paper dolls in all their printed and assembled glory….

So when the little girls weren’t around (I made sure no one else was around), I quickly printed off some more Paperglitter paper doll pages!!  I was longing to cut out the cute outfits for the darling little dollies, but then I saw my embossing “junk” sitting on the counter and knew what I was going to do to those dollies…!So, like I said, first I printed off the dollies and their outfits, the ones that are colored (not the coloring pages) from here (I bought the files the other day).  I decided to do some embossing on the costumes, so I grabbed my gold and silver embossing powder and a few other things…That would be an embossing ink pen, a clear (sticky) ink Versamark stamp pad, a heat gun (for embossing) and a few stamps.  First I used the pen to fill in the white scull and crossbones on the pirate hat:The ink is clear and slightly sticky so that the powder will stick to it, so quickly I sprinkled the gold embossing powder over the areas I had colored in, I did the face first because my pen is really old and seemed to dry quick.It’s a bit hard to see, but I added 2 googly pupils to the scull, to make it crazy and friendly-looking!I added a row of stitching around the edge, filled in the crossbones, and brought out the heat gun to melt the powder:Ahhh, it’s always fun to watch the dull powder melt to shiny gold!Now for the cat costume…silver will be nice!  But this time stamps….I have a fun (old) set of Stampin’ Up stamps that are so cute and great for adding a pattern to the paper doll clothes:Stamp the pattern stamp in the clear ink, It just leaves a faint watermark…Sprinkle with silver embossing powder, tip the page and  then lightly tap the extra off…Add some heat with the “gun” and up pops the silver flowers!Now to  stamp and emboss the kitty dress…(I love paisleys!)And a bit on the Bee Girl’s hair…(is that a real bee-hive do?)(I added a silver necklace to Bee Girl’s dress, too)

Now is the time to do ALL THAT CUTTING OUT!!Assemble those dollies and let them walk the catwalk!!

(cue the runway music)     First down the runway we have …

the lovely “Le Chat” in her midnight black ensemble, spangled with silver paisleys….She’s ready for a purrr-fect evening of fun with her friends!Guard your gold dubloons, mateys!!  Here comes “La Pirata” with her gilt belt and glittering gold-plated Jolly Roger (with matching gold stitching!!)  Cutest pirate to ever sail the seven seas!!Buzzing down the runway comes little “Miss BEE-U-tiful”!  Her unique style is glammed up with some extra silver bling!  What a bizzy girl!Give a hand for these cute little fashion paper dollies!!  (sure to delight fashionistas of any age!)

(ok, I admit, I had way too much fun with this post! 😉


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