EURO 2012 logo cookies/galletas


For all you soccer fans (fanatics!) out there….some cookies to eat while you watch the EURO 2012 games!  I admit, I have not watched them, only a few heated moments of the Spain vs. Italy game….but then I saw……the logo!  “!Que chilerisimo!!” I said, which is like “Wow, coolio!”  And right then I knew I had to make a cookie I just knew.So I hurridly clicked over to Sweetopia and found her shortbread cookie recipe.  I probably should have used the sugar cookie recipe so they wouldn’t have been so fragile, but it seemed easier at the moment, and believe it or not, I’m all about easy!  That’s also why I don’t decorate cookies in the smooth royal (flooding technique) icing that looks so fab.  I just use candy melts.  It’s faster for me and easy to clean up.  That’s why my stuff has such a lumpy, 3D appearance.  It’s harder to get the details, with the candy melts, but easy for the colors.  Oh well, some day I’ll try the other icing, some day.Here I was, working away at this late into the night….I wanted them for Father’s Day to give out to some soccer-crazy friends!  I go crazy for different reasons: once I get an idea, I just can’t seem to let go until I’ve tried it, no matter how big of a mess I make, or how late I stay up!I was mean enough to not let the kids have any of these shortbread cookies!  They were only for Dads!  But the kids were happy enough to eat up leftover oreo cheesecake cupcakes from yesterday…  The “icing” just doesn’t do justice to the cool design….if you haven’t seen it, you should google it!  There are little human figures in the center of each flower and on the soccer ball.  I just love the graphics!  And also on some of the TV spots, loved the flowers and swirls…that’s the way to get me to watch sports!!  It’s all about the logos and graphics!  Cookie + burlap…what could be better?!! 🙂


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  1. Lastima que no estoy serca porque somos aficionados del fut!!!!!!!!!!!! y comeriamos ricas galletas y yo si he visto todos los partidos y he criado mucho pero mucho……… arvitro pagado (nimodo sino no estiviera alli), gooooooooooooooooooool, y mucho mas, jajajajajajajajaja es bueno el fut

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