Yellow Bus goodbye!

Yellow Bus goodbye!

The end of school is in sight!!  At least, in Canada, the kids are still in school and don’t get out until the end of June.  I know y’all in the States are already enjoying summer vacation!! (lucky ducks!)

And now it’s time to think of teacher appreciation gifts and end-of-school BBQs….

I found something on one of my favorite sites, Paperglitter, that I wanted to make as a thank-you for our bus drivers.  Cute little yellow bus boxes!!  After you buy the file, you can customize the text on the side and then just print it out on cardstock:Then cut it out, and use a circle punch to punch out the wheels (you make a stack of 3 so that they are stronger):Score on the dotted lines…and tape/glue the two halves of the bus together…Tape or glue it all together, and you have a cute little bus box, ready to be filled with some treats!I’m planning on making some cracker candy to fill them up.

I love love the cute printables that I find on the Paperglitter shop on Etsy!  (She also speaks Spanish, if that helps you out! 🙂

If you are going to get something, you have to be sure and have the latest edition of Adobe Reader to read the PDF files (some of them have customizable text).  There are also great sales that pop up, if you “like” paperglitter on facebook.  Someday soon I will hopefully do a party with one of Paperglitter’s cute kawaii party kits!  I can’t wait!! 🙂

What kinds of things did you use for teacher appreciation gifts?  Did you buy them or make them yourself?  Baking?  Cards?  Or did your kids make them themselves?


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  1. Thank you so much Denna! I think you did an awesome job explaining the product. I appreciate your shout out. p.s. I really like your blog–no really. I went through each of your posts (EACH AND EVERY ONE) and we have lots in common. I will be checking in 🙂

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