Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops!!

Ice Cream Cone Cake Pops!!

This is one treat that I’ve really enjoyed making….cake pops, but disguised as ice cream cones!  I made this batch in a hurry, so I didn’t photograph the “how to” but I will someday.  They pack a sugary punch, but look so cute and sweet and innocent…just sitting there, wearing their chocolate splash and colorful sprinkles….sitting there and sitting there and not melting…it’s a sight to behold.  I think these pops tend to confuse younger children…..(heh heh!)

I was thinking of adding lollypop sticks to make it even more handy to hold, but realized that I’d have to saw away a good chunk of the bottom of the cone, and decided not to destroy the sharp sugary point of the perfect mini cones….(have I mentioned that I don’t like to destroy things?)These little cones had a surprise inside…rainbow colors of cake!  I didn’t bite into any of the cones, but I did bite some sample cake pops! 😉And here’s one that I was experimenting with, trying to make a real rainbow cake pop!I must say that I need to work on getting the flavors a little more….uh, flavorful (they all kind of tasted the same to me, especially in the rainbow pop).  The kids seemed to enjoy them, though….  The yellow ice cream cones were lemon inside, the orange ones were a light orange flavor, the white ones were blueberry and blue vanilla.

some more pics!  I definitely get tired of eating them, but never of looking at them! 😉


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