Blue’s Clues Cupcakes and Allergy free, too!

Blue’s Clues Cupcakes and Allergy free, too!

I have loved the children’s show Blue’s Clues for years!  The other day I convinced my youngest to watch it, and was feeling sentimental for the days when that was almost all my oldest 2 children watched, sigh, those were the days….and suddenly, surprise, my friend contacted me about making some cupcakes for her daughter’s birthday….and she wanted Blue’s Clues!!  Yay!  Funny the way that happened!

She had also found that it it very hard to find Blue’s Clues party favors any more…so sad!!  I remember giving my oldest daughter a Blue’s bday party when she was turning 2…..*more sighing*

anyways, so here are the cupcakes…I made the toppers from candy melts…and placed the cupcakes on a cute storebought cupcake stand, so handy!The tricky part about this party, was including some ALLERGY FREE cupcakes!  I haven’t done very much allergy free baking, so wasn’t sure how they would turn out…some of the party goers were allergic to dairy, gluten and egg whites….doesn’t leave much to work with!!  (oh, and no meat, so couldn’t use gelatin either.)  I bought a rice flour package to start with, then kinda followed their instructions and kinda made up my own (using applesauce instead of eggs)…So it was more of a brownie type cake, but tasted quite surprisingly good!If you are allergic to eggs, dairy and wheat….doesn’t leave much left except SUGAR!!!  And CHOCOLATE!!  So I guess that’s why the brownies turned out ok! 😉  I was careful to keep the icing dairy and wheat free too…Ahh, Blue’s Clues…I still put it on whenever I have a small child over….those were the pioneering day of children’s television….(after THE pioneer, Sesame Street, of course.)

Hey, I saw (on Pinterest of course) some great ideas for a Blue’s Clues cake that I’d like to try someday….just sayin’!! just hopin’ 🙂


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  1. Could you post the recipe for these allergy free cupcakes, Denna? Or is it top secret? 🙂 Thanks! Love from Daleena

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