Pink Panther party de la Pantera Rosa

Pink Panther party de la Pantera Rosa

Lately, I decided that it was time for my kids to be introduced to the REAL pink panther….not just the fun retro cartoons.  They have been watching those for years; the good ones, where Pink Panther does not have a voice (can’t stand those!).

I mean, of course, the classic Pink Panther Movies starring Peter Sellers.  I’m afraid that we watched those a lot when we were growing up, heh heh!  My favorite is the Return of the Pink Panther.  These movies will always remind me of my dad, and hearing him laugh his head off while watching those “old” movies with Inspector Clouseau!  (good times!)  I recently watched the Return of the Pink Panther alone, and just hearing the music (the other music, not just the theme by Henry Mancini) was a like a breeze from the past…and I realized how much my childhood perceptions were shaped by that movie!

I was telling the kids about Chief Inspector Dreyfus, the originator (in my opinion) of the “eye-tick” which is seen in every single cartoon produced today.  So many slapstick moments!

Also, I think that the starring actress, Catherine Schell, would be the embodiment of the 1970’s woman.  I don’t even know how to phrase that, but it’s what I thought when I re-watched the movie.

I can’t remember all the Pink Panther movies, though I just read about them on wikipedia, I’d have to see them to remember.  Ahem, I am not saying that you should rent these movies for your kids, or even that I’m going to let my kids watch all of them, I know, I know, there was a fair amount of grown-up content in some of them!  But we watched them with my Dad, who never failed to point out why the situations were inappropriate and how we shouldn’t believe (or emmulate) everything we watch on tv. Ahh, those teachable moments!

So we watched the Return, and I told my kids about watching it with Grandpa, and pointed out the best moments.  I think my love of “heist” movies probably started with this one!  And of course I had to mention the funny pun which is only made when you watch the Spanish dubbed version of the movie (which we used to watch on tv in Guate…”que cera sera?”)

I decided to make it a Pink Panther mini party, so this is what we had:A Pink Panther supper, starring pink rice (few drops of food coloring really livens up plain old food!!)Even the smallest things can make supper a bit more fun!

But of course I couldn’t leave it at that and had to go over the top and continue on and make cake pops for dessert (I had lots of leftover cake and icing sitting around here! really, it took hardly any time at all….)a glace cherry cut up nicely for the noses…other facial bits made from marshmallow fondant…my fave is the scared expression “oh no!”Forgot to mention the pink lemonade!!! (strawberry limeade actually) that sure pleased the troops!And we ate and watched the movie.  I think the kids kinda enjoyed it….the food anyways.  We all talked a lot through the movie, so it was a fun family night.  I didn’t make pink popcorn, which would have been cool (have no idea how to do that), but we did continue Pink Panther day the next morning at breakfast…He looks a lot like Tigger I think…And add some blueberries!

I’m really not trying to show off by sharing these (weird) things we do at my house….(if you saw the horrible mess that the kitchen was left in after this…yikes, you’d feel sorry for me and my fam!)

I just thought maybe someone else might have Pink Panther memories….or even be inspired to take a memory from your childhood and tell your kids about it…so they can share it, too.  Just add a few drops of food coloring to the rice (unless your kids get hyper from red coloring!hee), or to the cheesecake, or to the biscuits or bread…..(my dad never wanted to eat the green and pink versions of the food my mom used to make!)

Sometimes it takes only a tiny bit of effort to shake things up a bit!!  I hope these are the things that the kids will remember…and not the mess in the kitchen, gulp!!  (They do remember the green eggs and ham, though, I know! )


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  1. I think the Return of the Pink Panter and A Shot in the Dark were the main two we watched over and over. The first one doesnt have enough of Inspector Clouseau and Revenge and Curse are kind of strange if I remember right. Revenge might be ok.

    Cool stuff. Although pink is better for sweet foods

  2. nosotros tambien vimos la pantera rosa y la disfrutamos mucho, a mi me gustaba en la que salia el oso hormiguero y la hormiga esa era mi favorita no se si eran con la pantera rosa pero las mirabamos seguidas, haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, que dias aquellos los extraño tanto, porque estabamos todos juntos…………. pero que lindo te quedo todo los bombones chileros!!!! el arroz novedoso!!!!! y el resto delicioso!!!!! como siempre te felicito TQM

  3. your kids will think every day is a party! how cool 🙂 Someday when mine are older and I get more sleep I hope we can do fun things like this too!

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