The iron matron experiment


The other day I posted about being a “non-iron, non-maiden” (here), but now I’ve come up with a better title:  the iron matron.  (I was reminded this week that that’s what I am, a matron! 🙂  a jolly old-fashioned term that makes me laugh!

My iron is low, so I’m trying to get it up without going to the hospital for an “iron infusion” (not-fun-sounding).  So aside from taking iron pills, I’m trying out a few other things.  (but none of it involves running or swimming wildy like an iron man competition, no not at all!!)

I’m afraid that I just couldn’t work myself up to eat blood sausages, morcillas? (and wouldn’t know where to find them here anyways), as recommended by my Guatemalan mother-in-law  🙂  sorry Mamita, just can’t do it!!  (es que no me entra, y menos para tragarlo!)

So I found something that’s easy for me to make, and yummy, too!  This is what I’m trying to eat:  First I started out with a nice spinach and strawberry and mandarin orange salad every day.Oh yummy!  With some balsamic vinagrette drizzled on, ooo lala!  I can easily eat that every single day, if the kids don’t get to the strawberries before I do!!  And I don’t willingly let them eat up my mandarin orange cups!

After my other post, Sheila commented on it and recommended liver pate.  Oh, um, well, I thought, I have never eaten pate, and liver is just one of those things that has never been in my eating vocabulary!  But I decided to try it out.  Thanks for the suggestions in your comment, Sheila!

Henry brought some “liver sausage” home for me to try (the herbed style), so this is what I did:A fifth of this little log gives you 10% of your daily recommended iron intake…hmm, that sounds good!

So I mashed up about 2 or 3 tablespoons with some mayo (miracle whip).  Then I spread it on toast and added some black pepper, chopped onion and cilantro and a bit of diced tomatos….I wanted to make sure that my first taste of liver pate would be a good one…(and it helps to have vitamin C at the same time to help the iron be absorbed, so that’s why the tomato and cilantro, some lime would be nice, too)

Well, it looooooked pretty good… to taste it……

I don’t know why I was so surprised, but I liked it!  I really liked it!!  🙂

Not bad at all!  I think I will easily be able to eat this every morning for breakfast, and what I ate on 2 pieces of toast (whole wheat of course) was about 20% of the recommended daily intake, so that sounds good to me!  Now, if I can just keep Henry and kids from eating up the liver……………………


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  1. bueno ami no me gusta esa comida pero si la pones en un platito como la hiciste sin decirme nada.mmmmmmm creo q la pruebo. pero no creo que me guste. soy super mañosa con lo de la comida, pero si es para la salud no hay salida hay que comerlo.

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