How to make paper rosettes and Señoritas for el Cinco de Mayo

How to make paper rosettes and Señoritas for el Cinco de Mayo

Here’s a cute little project you can make to decorate for Cinco de Mayo, or for any other festive fiesta occasion!!  (That sounds like a scripted heading for some sort of commercial!  Very stilted…sorry!)  Anyways, these types of paper rosettes have become quite popular for decorating and scrapbooking, so I was trying to make some.  Then I decided that they would be cute for Cinco de Mayo, so I used the color palette from my last post to make up some decorations:

Here are the finished Fiesta rosettes and some cute Fiesta Señoritas,

I made up some printables free for you!  There are two pages in the file, one is patterned for the rosettes and the skirts, and the other has the señoritas and some fun cacti and flowers.  You can dowload it at the end of the post.

First print out the patterned paper, try and do full-bleed to the edges:Then trim off any white space at the ends, not on the long edges with the cacti!Now cut them apart, into fourths, longways…following the black lines.This will give you four strips, two of each pattern.Tape matching ends together, this will give you two long strips, one of each pattern. These strips will make 2 rosettes or 2 skirts.

Now start to accordion-fold (pleat) the strips.If you want to be really exact, you can make marks one half inch apart.  It doesn’t matter too much, as long as they are all about the same size.  My rosettes were larger pleats, and the skirts were tighter half inch pleats.You don’t have to be so fiddly….just have at it and fan-fold those strips of paper!Now join up the ends, and tape, to make a circle….Now you need to decide if it will be a rosette, or a Señorita.  Here goes the fiesta rosettes….You will need a circle of cardstock, chipboard, card or heavy paper for the back of each rosette.  Oh, yes, and a glue gun!  I’ve tried using other types of glue and it was a disaster….a glue gun works the best and fastest!  Flatten out the folded paper circle and hold it.Get your glue gun ready, and place the paper rosette upside down, and have your other paper circle ready to glue onHolding the rosette with one hand, gently squeeze some hot glue into the space in the middle.  Add the smaller circle on top of the glue, while you keep holding onto the rosette while the glue sets.When the glue feels like it’s holding, flip over the rosette, and add a dab of glue to the middleNow you can add something to the middle, to decorate it…another paper circle, a flower, a button, a bow…anything!  I had some ceramic beads, which the kids had fun looking through, so I added a ceramic heart and a bunch of little beads to the other one…In the end, I hot glued some pipe-cleaners to the back of these rosettes so that I can twist them onto somewhere for decorating.

Now for the Señoritas!  Print out the second sheet with the 4 Señoritas on, and cut out the ones you want to use.  Remember that one sheet of patterned paper will make 2 skirts.  Do the same thing that was done for the rosettes…. and set them up to match them up….Practice scrunching the skirt around the girl, so the paper starts getting the idea and gradually taking shape….heehee!

Warm up your glue gun!!  Gluing the skirt on was a bit tricky.  There’s probably a better way of doing it, but this is all that occurred to me while I was sitting in the dark kitchen, balancing my camera, the glue gun, paper and beads, while kids ran wildly around me, pushing me off the chair and table and crowding me out…anyways…. (my girlie decided that this would make a cute cupcake holder…she’s right! But what a lot of work for one cupcake!  Maybe cutting a simpler cupcake wrapper from the patterned paper would be cute and a bit easier too! )Practice holding the skirt on!  Then try gluing it on.  First, I tried gluing half the pleats together on one side…then I think I stuck the doll in. This was the first one. With the second one, I tried sticking the doll in, then adding the glue and squeezing it together. I’m not sure which worked better!The gluing involves a lot of holding!In the end, I flipped them upside down and started squeezing glue underneath to try and help the skirts puff out a bit!If necessary, trim off a bit of the straight skirt, so they stand straight.Las Señoritas!! Ole! or maybe I should say !Viva!My son keeps reminding me that we are not Mexican, but like I said, we have LOTS of friends who are!  And there is nothing wrong with celebrating holidays from other countries (and learning something about them in the process!)  Now we can have a new fiesta day!  We’re starting off the celebrating with chimichangas for supper tonight!! 🙂

Here’s the link for the download of the Fiesta rosettes and Señoritas!!  HERE

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