El Cinco de Mayo ideas

El Cinco de Mayo ideas

I have been looking at a facebook site that has many photos of the Cinco de Mayo celebration in Puebla, Mexico.  It is a really big holiday there, and especially this year, as they are celebrating 150 years since the battle of Puebla.  You can look at some beautiful photos here.  Looking through the photo albums gave me the desire to visit Puebla as a tourist!  When I was a little girl, we used to visit there, but it was to see friends, and I have no memory whatsoever of the beautiful old churches, or of the city at all.  I only remember playing in a park that was near our friends’ house, and their dog with the clipped ears, and listening to “Stayin’ Alive”…kid memories. (that date me)

It’s been interesting to find out a bit about el cinco de mayo.  In the States, it looks like it’s a big tex-mex celebration, with lots of food and drinking.  But this year, I found out where it originated.  I don’t remember why, probably from looking at recipes on allrecipes.com, but all of a sudden I felt the urge to make decorations for el 5 de mayo, and cook Mexican food and celebrate!!  (I’ll drink Pepsi, thankyouverymuch).

I found this site with a lot of fun ideas to make decorations and snacks and stuff, it was posted by Kami Bigler here.  There are lots of fun ideas!  I copied her list out here…but since I’m not sure of all the protocol for things like this, I unlinked the list.  So if you click here you will find her list, where each item on the list is linked to the blog where the instructions and photos are found. (I hope that it’s ok that I did it this way, I’m just learning all this stuff!)  Sounds like lots of fun ideas!! (this is a photo from Kami’s post, and I’m trying to figure out how to link the photo back with her post….but anyways, it’s from the 2 above links)

20 Cinco De Mayo party ideas: (actually, that’s 18)

1. Taco shell garland

2. Sombrero Cookies

3. Make your own little Mini pinatas

4. Fresh Salsa Recipe

5. Fresh Corn Salsa (recipe)

6. Tissue Paper Garland

7. Key Lime Cupcakes

8. Paper Umbrella Topiary

9. Individual Seven Layer Dips

10. Cinco De Mayo party printable

11. Tissue paper flowers

12. Edible flag for Cinco de Mayo

13. Glass coke bottles and old fashioned sodas

14. A colorful ruffle cake

15. Tortilla rollup appetizer

16. So-papilla Cheesecake

17. Fringe tissue paper invitations

18. Egg Carton Maracas

Of course I will hardly get anything done, since I forgot the date, and signed up to go to a class on Saturday, so that will cut out most of my 5 de mayo celebration ideas!  But I saw a cute idea on the No Biggie blog that I definitely want to try to do!!!  We’ll see what actually gets done.  If nothing else, some enchiladas from Costco…
P.S.  We live in a city with very little Mexican food available!  Not like a lot of places in the States (I’m seeing in the blogs) where you have tons of really cool Mexican restaurants!  Not at all….I can think of about 3 Mexican places here, chain restaurants…not very cool, not very quaint.  About 13 years ago there was one that apparently made fresh corn tortillas daily, but it closed down when we moved here!!   But maybe there’s a new one that I don’t know about yet!!  Let me know!
I’m still working on some 5 de mayo stuff that I hope to get posted soon!! 🙂

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  1. Have you tried Julio’s Bario on Whyte ave? Their bean soup is really good…
    We have a big celebration planned for cinco de mayo… our daughter Caroline is getting married! We’ll be in an old country church Saturday morning, and follow that up with a great typical Albertan wedding meal, pyrogies and cabbage rolls! Not very Mexican, but festive nontheless!


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