a bit of this and that…


There’s this joke that my friend Shannon told me (probably in 5th grade), about a…. a mouse and an elephant (or was it a lion?)…did I mention that I’m terrible about jokes?  All I can remember is the punchline, said in a small squeaky mouse voice…”I’ve been sick!”

Anyone know that joke?  It’s no joke, I have been sick, and not creating much….not doing much….today I dragged myself around a bit and did a few things.  Since everyone was out of the house for awhile today, I did a few things on the computer….I played around with changing this blog’s background.  I am very un-techno-savvy and so I was just trying things over and over….and finally got this background, using some of my own (previously created) designs….so I’ll leave it up for awhile until I figure something else out!  The other cool blog background was from WordPress.

I also did a digital layout with photos of my new nephew, isn’t he cute?  It’s the same digital kit as the one in the last post…

So, who knows when I’ll be feeling better??  Hopefully soon, still have to cook and do laundry once in a while though…. which I should be doing instead of posting here, but honestly….I never feel like doing housework, and almost always feel like playing with my computer!  🙂


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