a wedding and a pickle barrel


We attended a wedding over the weekend…a beautiful spring wedding….complete with soggy wet blizzard!  Our weather has been a bit crazy lately, with springy moments and quite a few blizzardy moments.  Oh well, we know spring is here, even if she’s a little bi-polar.  There were no pickle barrels at the wedding (just friends and good food!), but there is a Pickle Barrel sale on at my favorite digital shop, Pickleberrypop here !  You can mix and match kits for $1 each full of digital goodness!  Some of the ones I picked up today have a “mother” theme….remember that Mother’s Day is just around the corner! (I’m reminding myself).

Here’s a quick page that I liked…it’s totally done for you, all I did was add my photos and journalling and title.  It took about 10 minutes. It’s from Dee Bee Designs here .    I just want to encourage people that digital scrapbooking can be super fast and easy!!  Let others do all the fiddly work for you!

Thanks for snapping our photo, Will!  Here’s one for you, heh heh, of your son and “the girls”.  When I took the top photo, both of the kids were very stiff and awkward, it’s was so funny, but they stood there and let me take the photo!

(this one uses some of the other digital content other than the quickpage kit)

Oh, yes, the digi sale is only on from today to Wednesday.  Just so you know, I only promote this digital scrapbooking site because I like it, and that’s the only reason 🙂  Now I need to start working on some Mother’s Day stuff with my new digi content!


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    • Thank you so much, Debb! I found your kit at the perfect moment and it’s exactly right. (the wedding colors were pale pink and light green!) I also love the other elements in Spring Breezes like the clothes on the line-very cute!
      Thanks again,

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