special Easter cookies to make

special Easter cookies to make

Here’s an Easter cookie that I have never seen before, but I’m liking a lot…the Crown of Thorns.  The kids and I worked on them today.  I found the idea on Pinterest and the “recipe” here: http://www.freefuneaster.com/easter-recipes/crown-of-thorns-snack/.  This recipe used pretzels and peanut butter on cookies, but I don’t like pretzels, so decided to make my own version. (this is probably a bit easier for small kids than my version)

It’s a cool cookie, with few ingredients: cookies, chow mein noodles, peanut butter chips and chocolate chips.

Instead of buying ready made cookies, I used a package of sugar cookie mix and made up these large cookies.

Then I divided some chow mein noodles into baggies, so that each kid could have one to break the noodles into smaller pieces .  These are the fried noodles that are like chips, not the hard raw ones!I melted the peanut butter chips (instead of butterscotch) and a few chocolate chips together in the microwave.Then I added a big spoonful to each kids’ bag of noodles. Very carefully, because it’s hot, they mixed it around to coat the noodles.  This was probably not the easiest way to do it, but it was very hands-on…Then, using spoons or fingers, the kids scraped out the noodles onto the cookies and mounded them around the edges of the cookies.It was a fun project, the Crown of Thorns cookies….and a good time to talk to the kids about the real Crown of Thorns, and Who wore it and the real meaning of Easter.When the kids were done, I melted some more peanut butter chips (w/o the chocolate ones) and coated some whole noodles to make these little spring bird’s nest cookies with malted eggs in them.


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