Design trends

Design trends

I have been noticing these trends in design popping up in all sorts of places: home decor, digital and traditional scrapbooking, cakes, photos/frames, clothes, just about everywhere!

Some of them have been around for quite awhile, but continue to be super popular. I’m sure there are many others, but these are the ones that jumped out at me today, and  I just felt like whipping up some examples with my new digital kit 🙂

Chevrons are all over the place lately, not just gas-stations!  I must say that I like them!!

Woodgrain is everywhere: real and retro-looking fake stuff 🙂

Washi tape, a patterned tape from Japan, is being used in all sorts of decorating, from taping your photos to walls, crafts, and even digital tape for your digital scrapbooking layouts!  So cool, but I only own the digital version! Just waiting to get some real stuff.

Cute banners and pennants have been “in” for a long time, but doesn’t look like they are going “out” anytime soon…

Buttons never go out of style!

Brackets are used in hundreds of ways for decorating scrapbook layouts :{0

I’ve especially seen lots of peach and coral colors lately….

Have polka dots ever gone out of style? They sure haven’t in my “likes”….

Well, I’m not sure exactly how popular rainbows are in everything, but they sure are in cake-making 😉 and in my mind, too, I just am loving rainbows! Especially in food.

What other trends and popular stuff have you been noticing?

Here’s a page I made with this fun and “trendy” digital kit:

I think today might be the last day that this kit is for sale, but if you like it, grab it tonight for $1.99, what a deal!   You can find it here: it’s in the digi magazine Home is Where the Art Is.  Here is the preview for the kit called Spring-A-Ling:


What do you think? Que piensas?

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