Shucos, new to me

Shucos, new to me

Ok, I admit, I used to be a picky eater when I was a kid…but we also had to be a bit careful about what and where we ate, when we lived in Central America.  We usually avoided eating “street food” from vendors and little suspicious looking restarants in the market or on the corner…anyways…all this to say, I had never eaten a Shuco before!  Maybe I would have been thrown off by the name, even if I had been brave enough to try one when I was a kid….shuco (pronouced “shooo-co.” not like shuck) is slang for something gross, dirty, disgusting.  Ha ha!

So when we went to a family birthday party during our Christmas in Guatemala, I had something new to try….that apparently every one but me always ate when they were kids…

Here we are, at the birthday party, lining up to get our Shucos…

Here’s the vendor who takes his stand to birthday parties and prepares the shucos….

and here’s the shuco: a hotdog on a toasted bun, with mayo, mustard, ketchup and AVOCADO and CABBAGE……and here I am, about to take my first bite…..I didn’t mean to look so suspicious….really… I dove in and took my first bite, not very delicately….(not like my polite and mannerful husband…) yes, lovely shot of my big mouth, I know….but it was yummy!! I even ate two, and had no adverse stomach side-effects, haha!  So proud of myself!


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