leaping over Leap Year


I had been planning to do something for Leap Year…but things rarely go as we plan them!  The whole day went differently than I had thought, but it was good.  I spent most of my day visiting with friends and family, which made me happy 🙂

The few things that we did get done on the 29th, Leap Year, were done late: I tried making marshmallow fondant, started making a frog banner, and the kids made frog smores….

haha, a crossbones frog smore!  So that’s what we did on the 29th.  The first of March, today, was when we were able to finish up a few projects.  I was testing out the marshmallow fondant on a cake, to see if I could get it to work, since I haven’t ever used fondant of any kind before.  I stayed up late last night researching it online…heh heh.  I decided to make a frog cake, to practice for my next cake, then later dismantle the frog to make into cake pops.

In the end, a cake-pop lesson turned into an imprompu birthday party for our friend!

Oh, but before we ate cake, we had to finish the banner I started the night before! That’s the rule.

Weird lighting in the kitchen!  Anyways, the frog cake turned out better (and faster!) than I thought, and we hung the banner, now on to the birthday celebration!

I quickly grabbed a few things from our Star Wars Lego party a few days ago (lots of decorations were still sitting on the dining room table!) and set them out for our Frog Birthday/Leap Year Party!

That’s his pink tongue! really.  And there were raisin “flies” around him, too, but some people thought they looked like something else…..the kids snatched them up and ate them regardless…

next step: take apart froggy and convert him into Lego figure cake pops!  Ta da!

The middle one is crying because he knows his brains are made of frog guts!

these are for the “real” birthday party….

and here’s a bit of my next project for the weekend….

And last, but not least, with a whole lot of nagging and scolding, after everyone had left, I shooed my kids outside to take our “leaping over leap year” photo….whether they wanted to or not!  And I was mean enough to drag them out without their winter coats (it’s been pretty cold lately, too!)  The camera speed-snapped away and I made them jump over and over….I wanted a good photo in 4 minutes before we all froze!!  You will thank me for this someday!  (we got some funny ones!)

So we made it past Leap Year, this time, 2012…..what will the next one look like??


What do you think? Que piensas?

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