BEautiful Flops


The title says it all…here are my recent beautiful flops, I have to admit it.  Enjoy the photos since you will not enjoy the taste!

These red velvet cheesecake brownies turned out gorgeous!  I really made them just to photograph them.  The recipe is here:  and hers look even more fabulous than mine did!  But….what went wrong?  They should have been lovely…but I hate them!

Here’s my next lovely flop, which left the same bad taste in my mouth,

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This recipe was worth it for the fun the girls had!! It was like playdough.  I made the recipe because I was out of butter so wanted a cookie recipe using vegetable oil.  I found the recipe on, I think it’s called Oil Cooky Recipe.  So, it turned out cute, and everyone like them…except me…which didn’t even stop me from eating them.  Why, why did they taste yucky to me? What a disappointment!!

Hmmmm….maybe there’s something wrong with the oil I used….both recipes used oil instead of butter.   The oil doesn’t smell rancid or anything…or maybe I’ve just been pigging out on butter too much recently, and can’t handle the “healthier” choice of canola oil!! Haha!  Who knows!  I have a few red velvet brownies sitting around here…and I’m NOT going to eat them, just sayin’


What do you think? Que piensas?

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