The Night before Valentine’s Day


I was just sitting here, downloading photos from my camera, then typed “valentine” into my photo search tags, to see what came up.  It was interesting to see what we’ve done for Valentine’s day over the years.  There are several photos, taken late late at night, of the kids’ valentines sitting on the table, ready to be carried to and distributed at school in the morning, after Mommy stayed up late finishing them up because she had this “really cute” idea for homemade valentines and at this point is ripping her hair out and wondering “why, why do I do this to myself??!”  And it’s amazing how many of those photos I have, and I’m just downloading (or is that uploading?) the ones from tonight.  But tonight I didn’t go crazy!!  Just a simple little idea, and lots of lollypops.  And now the 2 older kids are just taking the plain candy….aparently in Jr. High things aren’t as cute and fun….sigh.  Ha ha, but I know that even Jr Highers would get a kick out of this cute little idea!!

I know, I’m obsessed!! But I admit, I was realistic last year, and bought Cheap Storebought Valentines.  They were beautiful, Phineas and Ferb and The Penguins of Madagascar and Dora the Explorer.  I loved them….and they were so easy.  So why this obsession for homemade?  I really really don’t know.  Oh, yes, I guess I do….it’s called Procrastination, and “leaving everything to the Very Last Minute”, so there is no time to run out and buy shiny Disney, Nick Jr. or whatever, valentines…..the only thing left to do is pull out the Craft Supplies and get crackin’!!  Does anyone else do this?

So I’ll post the “home-made valentines” tomorrow, after I get a good shot of the kids with them 🙂

This was just my little rant for tonight, and to wonder what everyone else is doing right now, the Night Before Valentine’s Day.  Let me know, as long as it’s Appropriate. 😉  Ok, I just want to know if you are “crafting” or “obsessing” nothing else!


What do you think? Que piensas?

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